Holiday Sitting

The joys of planning a holiday or short break can also cause problems finding someone to look after and care for your pets if you can't take them with you. The cat can go to the cattery, the dog can go to the kennels, but where do your feathered friends and small animals go? Here at Chookies Farm offers a chicken and small animal boarding service.

We take our animal care very seriously and you can be sure that your pets will be in great hands;

  • On arrival, all feathered or fluffies will be given a general health check
  • You will then be taken to their holiday accommodation
  • The holiday house will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each holiday sit has left
  • Stay includes all bedding, food and water and treats
  • We can guarantee expert care and attention your feathered or fluffies deserve

Below are some of the animals we can accommodate while you are away


We have spacious separate pens for your chickes to board in all you need to do is bring the birds we supply bedding feed etc


As ducks have a good nature we offer separate pens or mixed pen with a pond


we can look after your geese while you are on holiday we are currently in the process of building a spacious grassed area for geese 


we can look after your rabbits while your away on holiday however they must be up to date with their mixi and vhd vaccinations as they will have access to a large grassed area

Guinea pigs

Don't forget to book in advance as we do get very busy during holiday periods


We have secure large enclosures for your ferrets to board here where they can play and enjoy their stay

hooved animals

We can holiday sit your hooved animals ie. pigs goats and sheep  however they must be up to date with their worming and vaccinations and a movement license will need to be completed

Home Boarding

When you have over 15 animals we offer a home boarding service which consists of minimum 2 visits a day to your home please note this does not include dogs or cats