Chookies Farm Pet Supplies  

Chookies Farm Pet Supplies was opened in 2017 due to a high demand in the local area for reasonably priced feed we supply a large range of poultry products

opening times

Opening Times

Our shop is open 10am -4pm every day yes that's  EVERY DAY! including bank holidays Christmas day etc (oh the joys of living at work!)


animal feed
animal feed

 Bulk Feed Buys

We  now offer a 50p discount when you buy 10 or more bags of poultry feed this can be mixed corn , layers pellets , growers pellets , chick crumb etc for more information please see OUR SHOP icon

Beware of the bantams 

When entering the shop our bantams have now become very aware that this big white door leads to a buffet for 30! please bare with them they are easily bribed with corn xx